SCHLEIFRING - our philosophy

Our philosophy

Ecology, sustainability and social thoughts determine our actions. We invest in employees and future technologies alike in order to guarantee long-term value enhancement and sustainable economy.

A special company

A friendly working environment based on mutual respect and a sense of social and environmental responsibility distinguish us as a company. Whether for trainees or for the executive management, our values are not just a drab set of rules but rather a living culture that binds us together and on which we can rely. Perhaps that is the reason for our success. After all, we have been the market leader for 40 years. In any event, we will continue as before – and look forward to having many more satisfied customers and employees in the future.

With a view to the future

We also want to leave a clean footprint even when treading new paths. This is the only way to realise our customers’ objectives in the long term and create a good future for our children. That’s why a responsible environmental policy has the highest priority in our product development and all our work processes. For example, we develop energy-efficient technologies that are fit for the future, avoid waste and recycle old parts. All in all, we achieve a positive environmental balance: for us, for our customers and for our suppliers.

One company, one team

We consider ourselves to be one large and strong team over all business segments and hierarchal structures: a team in which everyone pulls together and lateral thinking is welcome – and in which everyone gets along so well that we have already got through 3.9 million litres of coffee since the company was established. Decisive is that we open up new prospects for each other. Each members of staff can play a role that is exactly suited to him and his talents. It is possible to directly influence all ongoing processes. Thus, every single member of the team has room to develop and can be proud of all our mutual successes. By the way, this also applies to sporting activities – because we get together during numerous team activities, from football to mountaineering.