We set our sights high: Aerospace applications require an
unparalleled degree of precision and technical reliability. That’s
what makes them so magic.


Top entertainment above the clouds: Our slip ring can
also be found on board passenger aircraft and make the
so-called in-flight entertainment, in short IFE, possible.
Thus, airline passengers are able to use the Internet
during the flight or while away the time watching the
latest blockbusters.


Always with a focus on the important issues: helicopter
slip rings often Transfer data of laser seeker heads or
infrared cameras. These serve as an early warning
system and also as weather radar.


The conditions found in outer space are unique – these
constantly pose serious technological challenges.
Hence, it is absolutely crucial that every component
works perfectly. Whether in a vacuum or in the event of
extreme temperature fluctuations, for us boundaries
are there to be overcome.


Travelling, cooking, communicating –
none of these are really
imaginable without electricity. To
ensure there will still be enough


Health is our greatest asset. To
allow the best possible prevention
of illnesses and to treat them
based on facts,…

Industrial manufacturing

Industrial companies are
confronted with a wide range of
different challenges. These
constantly require new, state-of
-the-art solutions. For us this…