Take a spin! What our employees are saying We kindly invite you to take a spin with our colleagues.
Find out what makes our corporate culture what
it is and what makes our staff enthusiastic about
SCHLEIFRING. The reasons are diverse - just like
the people who work here hand in hand.
Slide Work-Life-Balance Work-Life-Balance »One can definitely highlight the fact that Schleifring
has a very sporty corporate culture.We have running
teams, cycling teams, football teams... In fact, we have
our own team for almost any sport you can think of.«
Do sports with the colleagues.
Slide Acting in concert across all levels »Everyone knows each other. If you have a problem,
you know straight away who you can turn to for help
and you can conjure up a face.«

Matthias, Mechanical Engineer
Flat hierarchal structures for a
personal working environment
Slide Based on mutual respect a strong community »The fact that I am needed and that my colleagues
give me great feedback spurs me on. It motivates
me and builds me up.«

Karl-Heinz, PCB Developer
Feedback in the form of praise
and recognition.
Slide Pulling together right from the start »During my interview they spent a lot of time taking
me round the entire company. Straight away one has
the feeling of wanting to belong.«

Denise, Business Economist
We take time for each other
Slide With a mind of one's own but above all with personality »Students who apply to SCHLEIFRING need to have
good organisational skills, be objective and should
have good people skills.«

Sebastian, Sales Engineer
Communicative, open and curious
Slide More than just a team colleagues and friends »The corporate culture is very informal. Most people use
"Du", the informal form of address. That's the case right
up into the upper management.«

Patrick, Sales Engineer
Working in an informal atmosphere
Slide Core competency visibility For us every members of staff counts »Here you carry a lot of responsibility and you are seen
– which is not the case at large corporations.«

Philipp, Sales Engineer
Grow with every challenge
Slide Innovation through creativity Room for new ideas »I really do enjoy my job. Each and every day I notice
that I can make a really large contribution.«

Julia, Industrial Designer
Realise your full potential
Slide Beyond expectations Focus on practical experience »My training at SCHLEIFRING far exceeded my
expectations. I am still profiting from the content
taught even today.«

Fabian, Sales Engineer
You live and learn
Slide Family friendly company Setting priorities right »I very much appreciate the trust and the flexibility one
enjoys here. It allows family life and career to be
balanced wonderfully.«

Stefanie, Marketing Assistant
Work-life balance