Travelling, cooking, communicating – none of these are really
imaginable without electricity. To ensure there will still be
enough power available to let us live our lifes in the future, our
slip rings are being used in the wind power and deep-sea
extraction sectors.

Wind energy

A significant proportion of the electricity mix consists of
renewable energy sources. A particularly resource-
friendly role is played by wind energy. Learn which
important role slip rings play here and which exacting
demands they have to withstand.

Deep-sea extraction

Our slip rings are also used in the deep-sea extraction
of crude oil and natural gas. Indeed, they are already
being employed in the exploration of geological
reserves in the depths of the ocean. Slip rings not only
have to withstand extreme environmental conditions
such as pressures up to 300 bars, at the same time
they have to transmit signals from high-quality
communication channels such as Ethernet. Thus, slip
rings support the oil pumps and valves on the ocean
floor as well as the control systems on the platform.


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