When was SCHLEIFRING established?
SCHLEIFRING was established in 1974. For 45 years we have stood for the highest level of precision and absolute reliability when transmitting data, electrical power, air and fluids between moving and stationary components.

Where does SCHLEIFRING manufacture?
SCHLEIFRING manufactures in Germany, England and the USA.

Where is SCHLEIFRING based?
Our headquarters is in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich in Germany. Further plants are located in Chelmsford (USA) and Tianjin (China). You can also find us on the Internet at www.schleifring.com.

In which industries is SCHLEIFRING active?
Our slip rings are used in almost all applications. For example, we are the market leader for slip rings for medical CT scanners, wind turbines and also for industrial applications such as filling plants and machine tools. In addition, our slip rings are used in baggage screening systems and on board aircraft for the on-board entertainment.

How much does a slip ring cost?
All of our products are adapted to meet specific requirements. The price of a slip ring thus depends on the design, the technical features and the amount of data, current or media that needs to be transmitted. With our new slip ring configuration tool, you can also put together your own customized, modular solutions, which have already been cost-optimized for production in small quantities – www.schleifringonline.com.

What is a slip ring?
Whenever power or signals are to be transmitted from a rotating to a stationary part, a connection must be established between the two units. This is performed by a slip ring using various technologies, e.g. a gold-wire system or induction.

How does a slip ring work?
That depends on the technology used. Conventional contacting slip rings consist of a rotating part with sliding tracks, over which the brush mounted on the stationary part glides. This enables the rotating and stationary parts to remain in contact. We are also a pioneer in the development of contactless slip rings that are able to transmit large digital data packets or, via fiber optic cables, also analog data in real time.

What makes our slip rings special?
Our slip rings convince through the highest level of precision and absolute reliability. This is guaranteed by a team of more than 650 specialists, technological know-how from Germany and more than 45 years’ experience in the development and manufacture of rotary signal transmitters for customers around the globe.

How long are the delivery times at present?
All our products are adapted to meet specific requirements and are subjected to strict quality inspections. For this reason, our delivery times vary greatly depending on the requirements. A quicker option is our modular solution MIA, which you can quickly and easily configure online – www.schleifringonline.com. In this case, the delivery time is only a few days.

What can be transmitted using a slip ring?
Whatever you want to move reliably and cost-effectively – whether on land, at sea, in air – our products guarantee perfect transmission of electrical energy, signals, data and media.

What is the difference between the different transmission technologies?
Our tried-and-true gold wire technology, for example, guarantees excellent power and data transmission. Contactless technologies are particularly well suited to the transmission of digital data in real time at up to 60 GB/s. Analog data can be transferred in large quantities, for example, via an optical rotary signal transmitter with up to 60 independent fibers. In addition, carbon brushes are also frequently used when low-cost solutions are required to transmit high levels of electrical power, or new technologies are used that replace the carbon brush technology. We also offer high-end solutions for water, oil, coolant, gas and air. We would be pleased to advise you.

Which material is most suitable for the transmission of data?
That depends on a large number of parameters and framework conditions. We would be pleased to advise you.

How big are slip rings?
The size of our slip rings varies according to the application. The diameter of a slip ring can range from just a few centimeters up to two meters.

Which slip rings do you have in your wind portfolio?
Schleifring has been producing slip rings for the pitch system, also referred to as pitch control, since 2003.

How is maintenance performed?
For our contacting systems we recommend our contact oil series LubeLife. It improves the performance and the transmission quality of your gold-wire system and extends the service life. You can order LubeLife comfortably in our online shop – www.schleifringonline.com.

How long is the service life of a slip ring?
Transmission quality and service life depend to a large extent on the operating conditions. The loading and environmental conditions found in the application are normally taken into consideration during the development stage. Our experts recommend suitable maintenance cycles and guarantee a minimum service life for your specific application. Here you can rely on the know-how of our staff.