Slip rings in wind turbines
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Slip rings in wind turbines

»Our Allrounder enables a customized slip ring that is available at short notice thanks to intelligent modularity.«

It must be possible to adjust a wind turbine’s rotor blades quickly and precisely at all times in order to use the wind as effectively as possible. The slip rings are subject to wide-ranging requirements here: Beside on- or offshore applications and the extreme weather conditions involved such as Arctic cold, strong winds or tropical climates, limited installation space in particular plays a significant role.

Our research team works with zeal to overcome these challenges. Due to the constant further development of our products combined with new inventions, we are not only able to provide classic transmission technologies but also hybrid systems that already fulfil the requirements of future generations of wind power technology today. Always according to the guiding principle: The future starts now.

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Customized design of offshore slip ring for electrical pitch control

Customized design for hydraulic pitch control

Slip ring with integrated optic

Modular design for electrical pitch control

Allrounder: our slip ring series

Customized design of onshore slip ring for electrical pitch control