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Modular industrial applications - Configurator

Please allow us to introduce our innovative modular system MIA. It allows a completely new level of versatility and flexibility for all types of rotary joints, offering innumerable possible combinations to create one system from a single source. Curious? Try it out.

Build your own!

To keep track of these numerous options, we provide you with a configuration tool developed specifically for the MIA system. Define your own slip ring! Simply select a rotary joint that meets your demands, combine different transmission technologies, and we will provide you with the drawing of your slip ring – individual, unique and without delay!

MIA Configurator

MIA - modular industrial applications

Our MIA system enables the transmission of electrical power and signals as well as all common data buses. Simply chose between two basic building blocks (MIA 1 and MIA 2) and combine them with many optional components, e.g. powerful drive motors or a Gigabit Ethernet unit. The outcome is your individual slip ring System. Our configuration guide helps you finding the right components.

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