To protect and safeguard our fellow human beings, our slip
rings support defence and reconnaissance systems as well as
numerous civilian applications.


Despite incessant safety measures at airports,
travellers still want the shortest possible waiting times:
Our slip ring systems at international airports serve to
facilitate quick and reliable scanning of passengers’
checked and hand baggage. Find out what makes these
systems so efficient.

Radar systems

Recent generations of surveillance and radar systems
require a high degree of precision and reliability.
Whether on land, at sea or in the air – we have
developed numerous customized solutions for
transferring energy, data and very high frequencies in
just one device.


Health is our greatest asset. To
allow the best possible prevention
of illnesses and to treat them
based on facts,…

Industrial manufacturing

Industrial companies are
confronted with a wide range of
different challenges. These
constantly require new, state-of
-the-art solutions. For us this…


Travelling, cooking, communicating –
none of these are really
imaginable without electricity. To
ensure there will still be enough