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Overhaul and upgrades

Always ideally positioned


Your slip rings are always to the latest technical standards – because we help you with overhaul and upgrade over the entire service life of the equipment.

During overhaul all components are cleaned beforehand, examined carefully and then replaced if necessary. In addition, we offer you an all-round package consisting of continuous monitoring of all processes and performance spectra as well as maintenance in compliance with all international standards.

In order to process a repair, please complete our contact form or send an E-Mail to: service@schleifring.de. We will contact you as soon as possible to explain the next steps.

If the faulty slip ring is sent directly to our service department without a corresponding note, we will start the diagnosis immediately to allow us to create a quotation as quickly as possible. If no order is placed for the repair, the customer will be charged for this diagnosis.

Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Do you want to place an order for repair or overhaul work? Simply request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) at service@schleifring.de Please also provide the SCHLEIFRING part number and serial number to process the request immediately. We will contact you as quickly as possible to explain all further steps to be taken.

Proforma Invoice

To ensure a rapid customs clearance, please state the following information on your proforma invoice:

  • RMA number
  • SCHLEIFRING part number
  • Serial number
  • Year and month of purchase
  • Declared value (40% of the original value)
  • “Defect” and a short failure description
  • Reference to the original delivery (invoice, order number)

Please take into account that product or serial numbers deviating from the actual unit may cause a delay in the subsequent export.