Slip ring technology

Innovation and market leader

Whether on land, at sea, in the air or in space, our products and services ensure perfect transfer of energy, electrical signals, data and media.

More than 230 patents

A good product is only as good as the idea behind it, and that is why we live for innovation every single day. Thus, in the last ten years more we have made hundreds of inventions and received more than 230 patents.

650 specialists, including 100 engineers

The ability, the passion and the experience of our employees form the perfect basis for outstanding results. We not only support our customers as an external supplier but also consider ourselves to be a strong partner in your team.

10 per cent

We conduct research systematically and methodically with dedication, and have thus further perfected our application-orientated research over the past decades. About 10% of our turnover is invested exclusively in research and development in order to constantly redefine the limits of technical feasibility.

35 million

The latest innovations are responsible for more than a quarter of our annual turnover.

What can a slip ring achieve?

Many things work unnoticed behind the scenes – however, our world would be different without them. They work inconspicuously, reliably and are essential for numerous demanding applications and products. Transmitting data, power, air and fluid from stationary to continuously rotating components is a technical challenge. Slip rings are the perfect solution.

What can we achieve?

SCHLEIFRING stands for the highest level of precision and absolute reliability when transmitting data, power, air and fluid between moving and stationary components. Our solutions set new benchmarks and open up entirely new horizons for our customers.

We've got the hang of things

Particularly demanding are hybrid concepts. In radar applications, for example, they transmit power, coolant and data over several channels in a single system.

Engineering ingenuity made in Germany

Especially when the requirements seem to be particularly complicated, our exceptional passion for our work comes into effect – engineering ingenuity in the literal sense. We do not consider ourselves to be only technology experts, we also put our hearts and souls into our work. Hence, truly outstanding solutions result from good work.

Unique and first rate

In step with a rapidly changing market, our core competencies such as design, development and manufacturing are also permanently growing. That is why we not only have more than one thousand slip ring designs in our portfolio, but are also continuously adding new, custom solutions.

6,000 exclusive solutions

We have thus been able to develop more than 6,000 exclusive solutions that provide our customers with significant competitive advantages and at the same time ensure immediate operational reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Transmission technology

Contacting slip rings

For contacting transmission of electrical power, signals and data, special brushes are brought into contact with appropriate contact surface materials. The materials and geometry are selected according to the individual requirements of your equipment.

Contactless slip rings

We are the pioneer in contactless high-end transmission. This enables us to transfer image data at more than 50 GBit/sec with the very best transmission quality. With such outstanding achievements, we have made a name for ourselves in the industry and have thus established ourselves as the trendsetter. For more than four decades.

Fiber Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ)

We offer a varied range of fiber optic rotary joints (FORJs) for quick and seamless transmission of the highest data rates. For passive transmission we produce equipment ranging from single-channel solutions to 60-channel compact on-axis devices for both single-mode and multimode systems. The fields of application range from aerospace to offshore and medical.

Up to 200kW

We are also one step ahead in the field of inductive transmission. In the industrial sector there are presently systems in use with power ratings from 1W to 10kW, in the medical-technology industry even up to 200kW.