Precision Down to the Smallest Detail

SCHLEIFRING Moves the World


Inordinately large,
microscopically small, unusual
or particularly tricky – every
customer project is unique and
motivates us to come up with
new ideas again and again.
Converting our customers’
wishes into precise tailor-made
products is the passion that
motivates us every day.
Extensive engineering and construction services for every project! Design, research and development work for all types of rotary joints, rotating couplings and electronic assemblies.


Our team of highly skilled
service technicians is ready to
support you at all times and
accompanies you with an all-
round package perfectly tailored
to your visions.

Our latest video tells you more about our outstanding service ​Schleifring Konfigurator

Social Responsibility

At SCHLEIFRING, corporate action and social responsibility are inseparably linked. Especially as a family business, children are especially close to our hearts.Schleifring Konfigurator

Slip ring applications

Quiet and inconspicuous, versatile and inspirational


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Components and Accessories


Outstanding Contact Reliability!


SCHLEIFRING moves your world

The best prospects for your career

Teamwork – the linchpin

All doors are open to our employees: In the entire company and in every business segment you can bring
your individual talents to bear and actively contribute to shaping our mutual success story. You enjoy the
freedom to find your own personal place in the company, to develop your career and establish the right
balance between your work and a fulfilling private life. You are supported by a corporate culture for which we
are known well beyond the bounds of the company: Teamwork, mutual esteem and an open ear characterise
everyday life at SCHLEIFRING in a unique manner.

Jeder einzelne unserer Kollegen ist hinsichtlich unserer Qualitätsphilosophie geschult. Bei uns eröffnen sich für Sie ganz neue Perspektiven. Wir bieten alles aus einer Hand: Forschung & Entwicklung, Design, Fertigung und Qualitätsprüfung.